Nail Design 2020: the best ideas of the season

Nail Design 2020: the best ideas of the season Manicure seems to be an insignificant image detail. But in reality, beautiful nails can not only give a neat and well-groomed look to the hands, but also significantly transform the created image. Since manicure is an important element of an office, business, formal, weekend image, you need to make it as harmonious as possible. For this, a diverse nail design is proposed, 2020 is notable for new stylistic and technical refinements. There are a lot of variations of nail design for the 2019 – 2020 season. The trends of previous years remain ordered, but new ones also appear. Choosing the right one from the whole list of sketches is a difficult task requiring taste. Today it is important to emphasize your individuality, while not falling out of fashion. To facilitate the task, a list of fashion trends in nail design is provided.

Fashion trends, trends
The nail design for 2019-2020 is characterized by
the maximum range of materials and modeling techniques, so each
a woman can easily choose for herself an original and suitable option with which
will feel comfortable. Catchy tones become relevant
non-standard tint combinations, a mix of classics, modern and exclusive solutions.

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